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So Why Trojan Press?

You might be asking yourself – Why choose Trojan Press to print your book?  Well, a quick glance at the titles we have printed over the years might be enough to settle the question.


Hi, my name is Lazarus, and I am the sales and marketing manager here at Trojan. As the person who makes sure you get the most competitive quote, irrespective of whether you want 500 or 50,000 copies, I also check to see your book gets printed with seriously fast turn around, and with quality high on the agenda.

To give you an insider view on how we run our business, I thought the best way was to show you around. test

Kind of like a personal guided tour. You might find this approach a little bit different, but I can think of no better way to demonstrate how proud we are of the work we do.

Along the way I can point out our Special Offer for all first time customers, show you the latest equipment we have on deck, and give you an overview of the complete package we have at your command. test 3

Listen, you can count the number of fine book printers on one hand. You will find we are not the biggest, but we reckon we provide a real fresh approach for the book publishing industry in Australia. No doubt you have further questions to ask, so give me a call when you are ready to talk details. You will find me as open and flexible as a good book.

I look forward to speaking with you soon…2