Print Solutions

At Trojan Press, we realise not everyone knows the finer details about what goes into printing a book. Here then is an overview of the printing pathway, from prepress through to binding and finishing. We hope you enjoy the journey.


This is your entry point to our complete service at Trojan Press. You will no doubt have a manuscript ready to go, or it may need to be edited and typeset.

Either way, our pre-press department can provide additional services including proof-reading to ensure the final printed product meets all your requirements.


Press Room

I could introduce you personally to our printers on the floor, but they tend to be a shy bunch.

So I thought I would walk you round the machinery we have on deck instead, and talk about what we can handle on the press.



Once printed, the pages for your book need to bound with a printed cover, and then finally trimmed and finished.

At Trojan we have various different options on tap for you. We don’t assume you have an intimate knowledge of these terms, so please allow us to explain all these options when we discuss your quote.